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gift series, part 1 April 30, 2010

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Callie, our wedding director, recently got engaged πŸ˜‰ and asked me for a list of my favorite wedding gifts and most important things to have on a bridal registry. So Callie, these next few posts are just for you! But you, dear reader (assuming you aren’t Callie), can enjoy too!

Item 1: Really Huge Wall Clock

Josh and I made extra efforts trying to find a really huge, really nice wall clock for our kitchen. We really wanted something stately that was both decor and function. There’s just something charming about a clock with hands that the digital versions don’t even come close to having. We have this beauty hanging on a rich yellow (‘Dahlia’) wall beside our deep brown pub-height dining table. This particular clock can be found at Sears and it was given to us by my friend Tony, and his beautiful girlfriend, Leah. Thank you Tony and Leah!

Item 2: Steam Shark

In an effort to ‘go green’, we have switched to cloth napkins, use less ziploc bags, and are trying to reduce the amount of chemicals we use, especially in cleaning around the house. My parents had seen the SteamShark floor cleaner on an advertisement and bought it on a good sale (with a coupon!) and had great luck with it. I brought it over to Josh’s house before we got married to clean the floors and it really does work REALLY well! So, of course, we put it on our registry. Originally, we only had the handheld cleaner with attachments on there, but once we used the floor cleaner- it immediately joined the list! We got the handheld cleaner from my Mimi and Pop πŸ™‚ and bought the floor cleaner with some Bed, Bath, and Beyond gift cards. The floor cleaner especially is a must have on the bridal registry list. No more chemicals, no more scrubbing on my hands and knees. This thing uses steam, a few pumps of the handle, and very little effort to produce sparkly, clean floors!

Item 3: Tervis Tumblers

Yup, we’ve joined the craze. It’s hard not to once you’ve tried them. I was skeptical, and these weren’t on our registry. I think I actually told Josh he couldn’t put them on the registry. And then we got some and they are AWESOME! I was completely proved wrong, and these are some of the best cups you’ll ever own. Double walled so they don’t sweat and your drink stays cold for a long time. They have lids that either have a closable mouth hole or a hole for a straw. We got these at a monogram shower from Josh’s coworker and friend, Frances πŸ™‚ After the wedding and after we discovered how cool these cups really are, we bought more! And I’m pretty sure we’re planning to get another set very soon. These are great for on the go.

We are really enjoying using our wedding gifts together in our home! I’ll continue this series in the next post. Callie- I hope this is helping!! Of course, there’s the every day and fine china, the flatware, and bedding. But apart from that, you’ve got to think about the fun stuff you want around your house.

I like our huge wall clock, the SteamSharks, and Tervis Tumblers! I love the people that gave them to us!


happy birthday, sweet baby sister! April 12, 2010

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Today is my sweet baby sister’s 21st birthday.

She’s beautiful, has a huge heart, makes me laugh hysterically, and she loves to break it down. Haley is the family comedian, for sure. There is NEVER a dull moment when Haley is around. I’ve never been more thankful for her comedic relief more than the day before the wedding. We were going to get our nails fixed because, in one way or another, we all three (Mom included) seemed to have screwed up our new mani/pedis from the day before. Don’t ask- we’re disastrous together. πŸ™‚ While we were waiting on the nail lady to get there, Haley helped calm my nerves by cracking jokes in the parking lot. She was very nervous about her important MOH duties (holding two bouquets, Josh’s ring, and fluffing my dress) so she did several hilarious run-throughs. One included her needing a tool belt to hold the bouquets. My favorite included her doing the elementary-school parachute activity with my dress. You know- hold your handle- make the center fly up- and then sit underneath it. At my wedding πŸ™‚

Thankfully, she didn’t do that. Although if she had, I probably would’ve cried because I was laughing so hard. It would’ve been awesome for the wedding video outtakes. She did get her groove thing on at the reception, though.

Haley is very special to me because she is always so eager to listen and help, and always a blessing to be around. I’m so thankful to have her as a sister and a friend. We even have a secret hug. Similar to a secret handshake, but with our entire bodies. We’re just that cool.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Haley!

I love my sweet sister.


he was right. April 11, 2010

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Have you ever gotten really excited about something and yelled out ‘I love that (thing)!’? I definitely have.

But when I was growing up, and still to this day, if I ever said that around my sweet grandfather, Papa, it would be a matter of seconds before he corrected me. And when you get corrected that many times, it just sort’ve sticks with you for life.

“No, Lindsay, you LOVE people. You LIKE things.”

He was right. Still is. And I’m glad he cared enough to teach me this. My hope is that I can begin to let that lesson live itself out in my life and how I speak. It’s important for the people inΒ  my life to know that I love them and value them more than the things that I like.

I especially want my wonderful new husband to feel that and know that. We’ve been married a whole five weeks and one day πŸ™‚ I am thankful for him in more ways than I can even think of right now. He is encouraging, a beautiful earthly display of Christ’s love for me, and a great leader of our little 2 person, 1 cat family. He brings me back to earth when I start spinning into orbit. One particular picture from our wedding (thanks Chris Isham Photography!) captures a moment of peacefulness in the midst of one of the best days of our lives. It’s just so beautiful and calm.

I love this man.

I can’t wait to tell each of you more about the people I love and the things I like. And if you have any suggestions, or have someone you love or something you like that you want to tell me about- leave a comment!

Loving and liking,