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Pickling Party! July 24, 2011

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Many of you know that Lovey and I have a half share of a CSA in Spartanburg so we get a huge basket of amazing veggies every Thursday. Sometimes we end up with more than we know what to do with! And I feel REALLY bad throwing it away.

So I decided to get creative and pickle our extras. I made spicy pickled okra and pickled squash, pepper, and onions.

The pickled okra were the easiest. I used this recipe but I’m pretty sure I didn’t have the entire amount of okra called for, but that worked out because I only had one jar to put them in.

The next step is the hardest. Stick the jar in the fridge and wait for a week. Eeesh!! This is more of a test of patience than a test of cooking ability. I’ll have to do a follow up post in a week to tell you the results.

The pickled squash, pepper, and onions were almost as easy, but took quite a bit longer. Once you get all your squash, peppers, and onions all cleaned and chopped, put them in a pot and cover with a TON of salt.

Two hours later, prepare the brine. While the brine is boiling, pour off the salt water produced in the veggie pot. Pour the brine over the veggies and let sit for another two hours. Once that timer goes off, pour it in a jar and process in boiling water for 10 minutes.

I also haven’t opened up this jar to taste either. I’m just too proud that my water bath processing actually worked and the lid popped down and everything! I’ll be saving this jar until later in the winter when there are no summer squash invading my counter space.

Once all this was done, my entire house smelled like a huge pickle. I’m pretty sure I smelled like a pickle too. Maybe making two different kinds of pickles at the same time in the same day was a bad idea…


Life is Good July 6, 2010

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Last weekend, the DH and I went to Edisto with my family. It was windy, but the sun and the rest were glorious. We enjoyed hours of Skipbo, a few nights at one of the four bars on the island, fish tacos at Poe’s Tavern on Sullivan’s Island, and two huge slices of cake from Kiminski’s at the Market in Charleston. It was fun to be with my fam- especially my sweet not-so-baby sister and her boyfriend.

On the way home, we stopped George & Pinks, a local veggie stand. Everything there was beautiful- the tomatoes, the okra, the watermelon. They had goat cheese, which makes my heart skip a couple beats, but we didn’t buy any because we had a long road ahead.

On the road back from Edisto, the landscape is full of the most beautiful churches ever built. There are several small white churches with adjoining cemeteries and driveways lined with moss covered oaks. We stopped to snap a few at one of my favorites.

Once we got home, I couldn’t wait to use our beautiful veggies! So, for the 4th of July we, like good Americans, made burgers, corn on the cob, and grilled zucchini. The whole evening was a dream. We really love cooking together, and we’re beginning to wonder why we ever eat out. We love our time in the kitchen, we like the food we make, we like the money we save. So really, why on earth do we ever pay hard-earned money to miss out on all of that? Here’s a glimpse into our great 4th.

One other good thing we’ve discovered around Greenville is The Community Tap. It’s located right where Church meets Wade Hampton right outside of Downtown Greenville. We stopped by after we got back from Edisto for some drinks to have during our cookout and little 2-person 4th of July celebration. They’ve got 6 different beers on tap for growlers and lots of great craft beer to choose from. We got a growler of Mad Hatter and some bottles of Sierra Nevada Porter. I’m not a dark-beer kind of gal, but there’s just something great about this porter. It’s a very drinkable dark beer, at least for me. DH likes it too. This may become a staple in our fridge.


Vegetable Adventure, Week 1 May 8, 2010

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Before Josh and I got married, we decided that we’d like to buy a share of a CSA (community supported agriculture). Basically, you ‘buy a share of a farm’ by paying the farmer and getting your share of the harvest. We shopped around for local farms that had a program like this, but being complete newbies, we had no idea what to look for. So we chose the one closest to us! ShareCroppers Farm is in Spartanburg, but they also have a pickup site in the EarthFare parking lot on Pelham Road, which is very convenient for both me and Josh.

We have been anxiously awaiting meeting some new veggies and teaching our tastebuds to like local, fresh out of the dirt food. I had done a little bit of research on what veggies we might be getting, especially in the first few weeks of the harvest. I was prepared for lots of leafy greens and root vegetables, which is basically what we got. Our beautiful Week 1 included 2 radishes, 2 spring onions, broccoli rabe, 6 eggs, and a mystery vegetable.

The mystery veggie is the dark leafy lettuce-looking thing with the brown ends on the leaves and frilly edges. I’m THINKING it might be mustard greens. Good thing we got 2 heads of whatever it is. We’ll make it as mustard greens first, and if there’s no ‘pungent peppery flavor’, then we’ll assume it’s just some sort of lettuce and make a salad. 🙂

I have a feeling we might encounter a few more ‘what the heck is this?’ vegetables… but until then, we’ll experiment with our leafy green thing and make yummy omelettes out of our eggs. With roasted radishes and potatoes (store bought… sorry) on the side.

If you happen to know what our mystery veggie of the week is and/or what we are supposed to do with it, please let me know!!! 🙂 In the meantime, I’m going to fight my embarrassment and email Robin (ShareCroppers owner) to ask what it is… She’s laughed at my questions a few times before we even got our first veggie, so why should I rob her of that opportunity now that we are sharing in the harvest?