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SoupSwap September 30, 2010

What is a SoupSwap?

SoupSwap is just what it sounds like – a swapping of soups. You bring a homemade soup that you have frozen in six 1-quart containers and you leave with 6 different kinds of soup!


  • Each swapper brings six 1-quart containers of frozen homemade soup and 6 copies of the recipe used (on a recipe card!).
  • Each container must be labeled with ingredients and any important reheating instructions. Get Creative! You will want your label to be cute and eye-catching.
  • At the swap, all soups will be displayed. Each swapper is encouraged to tell a little about their soup and ‘sell’ their soup. Awards will be given for the first and last soup chosen.
  • Swappers will then choose a number from a hat.
  • Whoever draws #1 picks the first soup, followed by person #2, #3, and so on until everyone has chosen one soup.
  • Person #1 picks a second soup, followed by person #2, #3, and so on until everyone has a second soup.
  • This will continue for 6 rounds.
  • Everyone goes home with 6 delicious homemade soups!


Awards will be given for the following categories:

  • First soup chosen
  • Last soup chosen
  • Most colorful soup
  • Most creative soup

Hints and Ideas

  • Be sure to keep the Earth in mind. Package your soups in reusable containers. Remember, you will be bringing 6 home, so you aren’t really losing 6  containers, you’re swapping 6 containers! And then when it’s SoupSwap time again, just use the ones you brought home!
  • Most soup recipes do not make 6 quarts without being doubled. Check your recipe closely and make sure you plan ahead so you don’t have to make two batches!
  • Potato and cream based soups do not freeze well. Steer clear of these if possible.
  • If you are vegetarian, it is not guaranteed that you will leave with all vegetarian friendly soups. Just share with your non-vegetarian friends and you’ll be their souperhero.
  • Make your labels attractive! They will help ‘sell’ your soup and give you a better shot at winning the First Soup Chosen Award!
  • Need ideas for soup recipes? Visit Recipezaar and AllRecipes for some great recipes!

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