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Recycled Glass Jar Photo Frame July 22, 2011

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Hey guys! Warning: if this blog post looks wonky, this is my first attempt at blogging via iPad. I’m hoping that this is a smooth process and that the iPad actually makes blogging easier so that I do it more often!

I found this idea a few months ago on Pinterest. If you don’t know what Pinterest is, you need to leave this blog right now and head over to to get an account. Your life (and productivity) will be changed. Also, you’ll get idea overload!!!

Here’s my recycled glass jar photo frame and I’m still deciding if I actually like it or if it looks dinky. What do you think? Keep it or no?


Smoothie in a Bowl May 15, 2011

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I’ve been on a smoothie kick recently. While KEVA smoothies are my absolutely fave, they are also like $5 each. I also like the Yoplait smoothie kits, but those get to be pretty pricey too, especially when you realize that it’s just frozen fruit and frozen yogurt cubes. At Costco, those Yoplait bages have 3 smoothie kits in them and they are $9. Or… you could buy this:


…and make about 10 smoothies for $8 (plus the cost of whatever else you want in there).

Once a day, I scoop out about a cup and a half of fruit, peel a frozen banana, throw it all in the blender with about a cup of soy milk and a scoop of vanilla protein powder so it keeps me full. YUM.

This morning, I decided to follow a serious blog trend, and eat my smoothie out of a bowl. And I’m here to report that- shocking- it tastes the same as drinking it out of a cup. I guess the plus of the bowl is that I’m aware of how much smoothie I’m actually eating, rather than just slurping it up. I probably won’t even finish my bowl this morning! That’s a lot of smoothie I’ve been drinking. I’m freezing the second half for later today 🙂

Happy Sunday y’all!


Buffalo Chicken Salad from Leftover Chicken Fingers May 1, 2011

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Yesterday, my sweet (not-so) baby sister graduated from college! Happy Graduation, Haley!!! My sweet aunt Leslie had a great grad party at her house and we had so much fun. She served lots of yummy food, including a pizza dip that I’m sure just fell straight from heaven. There was a platter of the biggest chicken fingers I’ve ever seen in my life. Leslie packed us up some of the leftovers in a to-go bag when we headed out. So I got to thinking… surely there’s something cool I can make with leftover chicken fingers.

Lovey suggested chicken salad, and because he’s a pretty smart fella, I stole his idea. While he was jamming out on the drumset during the third service at church, I came home and whipped up chicken salad made from leftover chicken fingers. At first it started innocently- you know, chop up the chicken, add some mayo. But then I spied the hot sauce and ranch dressing hanging out in the fridge door. So then what started as a plain ole chicken salad, turned into buffaloed chicken salad! And it was DELICIOUS!

We took this concoction, along with some celery and veggie straws (try them, SO good), on a sunny Sunday afternoon picnic in Greer City park. We had a blast. For the record, I won the cornhole tie-breaker! (as always)

Buffalo Chicken Salad from Leftover Chicken Fingers


  • 4 outrageously huge chicken fingers, or probably about 6 regular sized ones
  • 1/2 c. mayo (if you use something other than Duke’s, don’t blame me for the outcome)
  • Ranch dressing
  • Hot sauce

First, give your chicken fingers a rough chop. Mine wouldn’t fit in my food processor without this step, but you could skip it if you’ve got a huge processor. Chop the chicken to whatever size you’d like in the food processor.

Put the chopped chicken into a mixing bowl, and add the mayo. Also add in the ranch dressing and hot sauce to taste. I probably added about 2 tablespoons ranch dressing and 1/4 c. hot sauce. You could add more or less depending on how spicy or ranchy you want it.

Mix it all together.

Eat it on bread, celery, or right off the spoon. Or, take it on a picnic!


Yarn Wrapped Letters April 12, 2011

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I told you I was wrapping everything in sight in yarn, remember? I’ve done 4 headbands and 8 bracelets. I found some $0.99 cardboard letters at Hobby Lobby and decided to yarn wrap them as a surprise for the couples in our community group!

First, I yarn wrapped the letters themselves. Just make a tiny spot of glue at the bottom, and go for it. I also did the edges so that there was no side left plain.

Then I picked out coordinating fabric and do-dads to decorate the letters with. I tried to match each initial with the couple that would receive it. Brown with red for the Yoders because they just got fabulous red furniture! Purple and coral for the Sheehans because they are so fun and their house is full of fun prints and colors. The Snows get yellow with brown and green because they always have cute ‘natural’ looking decor! And a teal T for us. I have no idea why I chose teal or where on earth I’ll end up putting this because it doesn’t really match anything. Maybe it’ll end up in our orange bathroom.


20110410-041829.jpgThen I started decorating. I made some yo-yos, some rosettes, some circles. I used some sequins and buttons. Pretty much whatever I had on hand that got close enough to the glue gun ended up on the letters!





By the time this post gets published, everyone will have already received their surprise! I hope they like them!!


The Day We Painted Everything Orange April 10, 2011

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Sometimes I look around and dream of things I could do to this house. Hardwood floors, tile the kitchen floors, build a desk space in the office, build a patio, buy new furniture. But then I snap back to reality and remember our financial priorities (going into more debt over fluffy stuff like couches and patio umbrellas isn’t one of them). Thankfully, God allowed someone to invent spray paint, which can do wonders and it’s less than $5 a can.

We have an old hand-me-down bench on our front porch that was a drab color of red(ish) and was mostly collecting a lot of pollen and spider webs. We put a little orange spray paint on it, and it already looks like we spent tons on something new! We spent $8 on 2 cans of spray paint, and $20 on cushions at Garden Ridge (Dad, let me translate: Junk Ridge).


Final Product:


We actually bought 3 cans of spray paint, so of course I went rummaging through the house for other things I could paint! We had originally planned to paint this large vase green for when we re-do the living room, but today it got an orange makeover. I justified this by reminding myself I could always spray paint it green later!



This orange coincidentally matches a canvas art project we are working on for our bedroom, so instead of hanging out (currently not matching anything) in our living room, we moved it to the bedroom and I think it found a new permanent home! Here’s a sneak peak of the canvas art. I’ll put up a full tutorial when we get it all complete!


Happy Sunday!


Yarn Wrapped April 3, 2011

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I’m sure you have all seen the yarn-wrapping trend going on pretty much everywhere. I had done some yarn-wrapped wreaths before on this site, and I’ve also sold some on Etsy. Yarn wrapping wreaths is great fun, but it is also a tedious and long process. I’ve always been bad at delayed gratification projects, and yarn wrapping wreaths is definitely a delayed gratification project.

Then…some other yarn-wrapped goodies popped up in my Reader from some other blogs. Oh the ideas! Yarn wrapped bangles, yarn wrapped headband, luminaries, earrings, vase, trees, branches, pens, picture frames, letters, hangers, and on and on. The ideas just kept coming. And for projects much smaller than a wreath, I could have a project completed in no time!

Last night I made 8 yarn wrapped bangles (1 pink, 2 teal, 1 yellow, 1 blue/yellow, and 3 brown) and added some extra buttons and felt flowers for good measure. I was so proud of myself- 8 entire bangles finished in only 3 episodes of Pawn Stars Season 2 (Chumlee cracks me up). I woke up, saw how cute the bangles turned out, and made 2 yarn-wrapped headbands.

What will I wrap next? I’m eying a pair of old earrings, some aluminum cans to use as outdoor luminaries, a vase, the cat, an old picture frame, a lamp shade. I’ll let you know how those projects turn out!

(just kidding about the cat.)


365 April 1, 2011

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As of March 6, my sweet Lovey and I have been married for a full year. A whole 365 days. We’ve been to Cancun, DC, the beach, ATL, Charlotte. We’ve joined Southside Fellowship and gotten plugged into a great community group. We’ve cooked, cleaned, spilled, built, laughed, tickled, sold, paid off, created, relaxed, but mostly we’ve loved. Never would I have imagined a life so full of love.

For our first anniversary, we rented a cute little cabin outside of Pigeon Forge. We went to Partridge and Pear, a Christmas restaurant on our anniversary for a fancy dinner.

We saved the top tier of our delicious wedding cake (made by our FABULOUS sister-in-law) to eat on our trip. We thawed it and dug right in after our fancy dinner and it was so good! Who knew year-old cake could taste so good?

But the highlight of the entire trip was a chance discovery in the boonies of Tennessee. While we were looking for dinner one night, Josh opened up the UrbanSpoon app and found that Little Italian Kitchen in Sevierville had a really high rating with a ton of people ranking it highly. So we decided to check it out.

When we got there,we were slightly shocked to see that it was attached to a gas station. But we decided to follow all the high ratings and check it out. I’m so glad we didn’t turn around and go to some pancake house on the strip. The owner was so inviting and excited to tell us all about the menu (which was huge). He makes everything from scratch and his passion for his food was so contagious! He helped us and the 20 college students behind us decide what to order. He also let us try all of his sauces for free! I ordered the twice baked eggplant… without a doubt the best Italian food I’ve ever had in my mouth. DELICIOUS! We ended up going back for lunch two days later 🙂