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Vegetable Adventure, Week 1 May 8, 2010

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Before Josh and I got married, we decided that we’d like to buy a share of a CSA (community supported agriculture). Basically, you ‘buy a share of a farm’ by paying the farmer and getting your share of the harvest. We shopped around for local farms that had a program like this, but being complete newbies, we had no idea what to look for. So we chose the one closest to us! ShareCroppers Farm is in Spartanburg, but they also have a pickup site in the EarthFare parking lot on Pelham Road, which is very convenient for both me and Josh.

We have been anxiously awaiting meeting some new veggies and teaching our tastebuds to like local, fresh out of the dirt food. I had done a little bit of research on what veggies we might be getting, especially in the first few weeks of the harvest. I was prepared for lots of leafy greens and root vegetables, which is basically what we got. Our beautiful Week 1 included 2 radishes, 2 spring onions, broccoli rabe, 6 eggs, and a mystery vegetable.

The mystery veggie is the dark leafy lettuce-looking thing with the brown ends on the leaves and frilly edges. I’m THINKING it might be mustard greens. Good thing we got 2 heads of whatever it is. We’ll make it as mustard greens first, and if there’s no ‘pungent peppery flavor’, then we’ll assume it’s just some sort of lettuce and make a salad. 🙂

I have a feeling we might encounter a few more ‘what the heck is this?’ vegetables… but until then, we’ll experiment with our leafy green thing and make yummy omelettes out of our eggs. With roasted radishes and potatoes (store bought… sorry) on the side.

If you happen to know what our mystery veggie of the week is and/or what we are supposed to do with it, please let me know!!! 🙂 In the meantime, I’m going to fight my embarrassment and email Robin (ShareCroppers owner) to ask what it is… She’s laughed at my questions a few times before we even got our first veggie, so why should I rob her of that opportunity now that we are sharing in the harvest?


gift series, part 1 April 30, 2010

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Callie, our wedding director, recently got engaged 😉 and asked me for a list of my favorite wedding gifts and most important things to have on a bridal registry. So Callie, these next few posts are just for you! But you, dear reader (assuming you aren’t Callie), can enjoy too!

Item 1: Really Huge Wall Clock

Josh and I made extra efforts trying to find a really huge, really nice wall clock for our kitchen. We really wanted something stately that was both decor and function. There’s just something charming about a clock with hands that the digital versions don’t even come close to having. We have this beauty hanging on a rich yellow (‘Dahlia’) wall beside our deep brown pub-height dining table. This particular clock can be found at Sears and it was given to us by my friend Tony, and his beautiful girlfriend, Leah. Thank you Tony and Leah!

Item 2: Steam Shark

In an effort to ‘go green’, we have switched to cloth napkins, use less ziploc bags, and are trying to reduce the amount of chemicals we use, especially in cleaning around the house. My parents had seen the SteamShark floor cleaner on an advertisement and bought it on a good sale (with a coupon!) and had great luck with it. I brought it over to Josh’s house before we got married to clean the floors and it really does work REALLY well! So, of course, we put it on our registry. Originally, we only had the handheld cleaner with attachments on there, but once we used the floor cleaner- it immediately joined the list! We got the handheld cleaner from my Mimi and Pop 🙂 and bought the floor cleaner with some Bed, Bath, and Beyond gift cards. The floor cleaner especially is a must have on the bridal registry list. No more chemicals, no more scrubbing on my hands and knees. This thing uses steam, a few pumps of the handle, and very little effort to produce sparkly, clean floors!

Item 3: Tervis Tumblers

Yup, we’ve joined the craze. It’s hard not to once you’ve tried them. I was skeptical, and these weren’t on our registry. I think I actually told Josh he couldn’t put them on the registry. And then we got some and they are AWESOME! I was completely proved wrong, and these are some of the best cups you’ll ever own. Double walled so they don’t sweat and your drink stays cold for a long time. They have lids that either have a closable mouth hole or a hole for a straw. We got these at a monogram shower from Josh’s coworker and friend, Frances 🙂 After the wedding and after we discovered how cool these cups really are, we bought more! And I’m pretty sure we’re planning to get another set very soon. These are great for on the go.

We are really enjoying using our wedding gifts together in our home! I’ll continue this series in the next post. Callie- I hope this is helping!! Of course, there’s the every day and fine china, the flatware, and bedding. But apart from that, you’ve got to think about the fun stuff you want around your house.

I like our huge wall clock, the SteamSharks, and Tervis Tumblers! I love the people that gave them to us!


corn-shaped necessities April 28, 2010

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Are there VERY minor details about your childhood that no one, including you, would think would stick with you through adulthood? I have a few examples. Once I was reprimanded after choir practice when I was in 4th grade-ish for reaching in the box for a prize I apparently did not earn. I remember what bathing suit Ashley wore to Brookley’s birthday pool party. Mom always used corn-shaped corn handles (holders?) and corn-shaped dishes to put your corn in.

Now that I’m my very own person, I make my own corn. And I couldn’t do it without having my very own set of corn-shaped corn accessories. It just wouldn’t have been the same. Josh and I had been wanting corn for a month, but I couldn’t do it without the corn-shaped holders!!! I mean, let’s get real- how do you expect me to eat corn without them? Surely it would alter the taste. Right?

So I set out to find the corn holders. And just like any odd trinket you decide you can’t live without, they seemed to disappear from stores the day I decided to search for them. Just as soon as I set out to purchase these very high dollar (ha) items, it seemed they vanished off shelves all over the Upstate. Where exactly do you buy a corn-shaped plastic dish? Is it too much for a girl to ask to get some corn-shaped plastic with metal sticks coming out the end?

To make this very exciting story short- go to Old Time Pottery. I’ve since seen them in about 3 other stores (of course…). Or I could’ve saved myself lots of time and just looked online- Pfaltzgraff has a pretty good set. Maybe one day I’ll upgrade to these fancy things:

But for now, I’ll just stick with my $1 plastic set of 4… just like Mom’s.

I like corn-shaped corn holders!


chopped :) April 16, 2010

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I’ve been thinking about donating my hair for quite a while and for several reasons. I have pretty (really) thick hair and it grows quickly. Working with cancer patients on a daily basis and knowing several people that have been through treatment and lost their hair makes me very aware of the need for hair donation. There are several different hair donation programs- Locks of Love, Wigs for Kids, Pantene Beautiful Lengths, etc. Each have different requirements of length, products you can/can’t use, and percentages of grey they can accept. I chose to donate my locks to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program because it was the one with the shortest length requirements (8 inches). Also, they had the easiest donation process – just send it in!

I almost donated it before the wedding but then the whole ‘wedding up-do’ thing wouldn’t have worked out at all. Then I wanted to wait to donate it so I could let it grow even longer and donate a longer ponytail. I also thought about waiting so that when I did cut it off, I’d still have pretty long hair left. I was waiting for it to grow out to EXTREMELY long, but then it started to get really heavy. I was having headaches DAILY and my ponytails would hurt my neck. I had mentioned to Josh that I didn’t think I could wait any longer because it was getting so burdensome. And then…

Then we were parking at the mall, and saw her. A beautiful, gorgeous little girl shopping with her mother at the mall. And she didn’t have any hair. And it broke my heart. As soon as Josh saw her, he simply said, “I think you need to go ahead and donate your hair. It’s selfish of us to keep it when you’ve got enough to donate and there are people like her that need it more than you.” My sweet husband has the hugest heart.

So, I made the appointment with the greatest hair stylist in the world- Erin Silver. Today at noon, she cut it all off!!!

I wouldn’t say I was nervous for me, but I think saying I was nervous for Josh is more appropriate. 🙂 I was nervous he would hate it. I was nervous it would be WAY short- I was thinking it would end up chin-length. Ironically, one of Josh’s favorite singers is Randy Travis (don’t ask… we all have our quirks). And of his favorite Randy Travis songs is Forever and Ever, Amen. One of the lines in that song is ‘But Honey I don’t care, I ain’t in love with your hair, and if it all fell out, well I’d love you anyway’. Josh kept singing that to me in the days and hours leading up to the big haircut, and it made me giggle every time! Turns out- HE LIKES IT! In his words – ‘Baby, you look hot!’ Haha.

Before and After:

I’m SO glad I did this! My neck is enjoying the fresh air, and it feels good to know it’s going to join 7 other people’s cut-off ponytails to make a wig for a person that needs it.

I like my new ‘do!


indian chicken April 14, 2010

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Do you have a food you really, deep down *WISHED* you liked? I do. Indian food. I’ve tried it several times. I’ve tried different things at different places – I just can’t stomach it. But it’s just so darn glamorous! Like really, only the cool, hip, and trendy people go to Handi or India Palace for dinner. Unfortunately, I don’t drink Diet Coke, wear bug-eye sunglasses, or like Indian food.

I know, I know. You are all confused now. ‘But Lindsay- I thought this was a blog about the things you LIKED, not the things you don’t like!’ Hold on to your shorts.

My sweet lovey, Josh, on the other hand, really likes Indian food. He’s one of the cool, hip, and trendy people in the world. He also drinks Diet Coke… yes, I just admitted that my husband is cooler than me. It’s true.

I don’t like Indian food, but I do like to cook. And I especially like to cook special things I know special people like. (see- I told you we were getting to the point of this…) So a few weeks ago, I made Chicken Vindaloo and Garlic Naan. My house smelled AMAZING. All those spices- even the weird ones (cardamom, really?)- just sort’ve blend together to make this really warm, spicy, delightful kitchen smell. Ahhhh. And the good news is- Josh said he liked it a lot. So, I’ll probably make it again. With a side of grilled cheese for me. 🙂

Indian chicken in the crock pot is super-duper easy to make. You just throw it in there, turn it on, walk away, come home to a really yummy smelling house, and it’s ready! This particular recipe only has to cook for 5 hours, so unless you work part time, this might be better for weekend meals when you’re not gone from the house as long. And the original recipe I used called for tons of other things and said to layer in a certain way. We left a lot out and decided it would have been better all mixed together. So I ended up making my own mixture of spices and therefore a new recipe! Something about paying $13 for a tiny TINY bit of cardamom… couldn’t do it. And if you don’t have all these spices, don’t go out and buy any. Except maybe the curry- you sort’ve have to have that for an Indian dish.


  • 2 c. fresh green beans
  • 1 lb chicken breasts
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 6 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1 Tbsp ground ginger
  • a few pinches of cinnamon
  • 2 c. tomato sauce
  • 1 1/2 tbsp curry powder
  • 2 tbsp ground cumin
  • 2 tbsp ground mustard
  • 1/4 tsp ground cloves
  • 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 2 tsp kosher salt

Put green beans, chicken, onion, garlic, ginger, and cinnamon in the crock pot.  In a separate bowl, combine tomato sauce and all other spices and mix well. Pour that sauce in crock pot over chicken. Give it a good stir around. Cover and cook on low 5 hours.

Serve with garlic naan (I’ll post that later- it was SOO good!) and enjoy!

Josh likes indian chicken and I like cooking for him.