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Shipt Review January 7, 2016

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I recently joined Shipt, a grocery delivery service. I’ve had several friends interested in how my first experience went, so here’s my review:

Decision If/When/How to Use Shipt: I’m a working mom with a baby on the way. I try to sneak in grocery trips between work and daycare pickup or after bedtime. That made the IF we would use it easy. The WHEN is that we agreed to only use it when the order is over $35 so we don’t have to pay additional delivery fees. The HOW is that I’ll meal plan for several days in a row, make a list, and use Shipt for the things hubby can’t pick up at Costco (meat, milk, diapers, bulk stuff).

Sign-Up: The sign-up process is easy. I got in when it was $49 for the year, but I think it’s now $99. However, if you use my (or another friend’s) link, we both save $10 off our grocery orders. After sign-up, download the free app on your phone.

Placing First Order: The app is pretty easy to use. There is a learning curve with figuring out which section some items were under, but it took me about 20 minutes to locate everything I needed for a week’s worth of meals and add it to my cart. There were some items that did not show up in the app, so I made three special requests (family sized tea bags, unfrosted blueberry poptarts, and white baking cups). The total did not reflect my special requests, but it did say I would get an updated receipt after purchase. You have the opportunity to add special notes about any item in your cart. You can also choose substitution settings (call me, use best judgment, or don’t buy) if an item is unavailable in the store. I did not have the option to tip when placing the order. I emailed customer service to ask if I would have that option later, and they quickly responded that the in-app tipping is available at the time or after delivery.

After Placing First Order: The order was in ‘open’ status for about an hour. After about an hour, I checked again and my order had changed to ‘claimed’ and I got to see a picture and a first name of my shopper. This put me at ease because I was a bit skeptical of who would be coming in my home. It looks like my shopper is named Joelle and (complete honesty and disclosure here…) I checked her out on Facebook. She looks like a very friendly mom.

I scheduled my delivery from 12PM to 1PM, when I’d be home for lunch. At 11:30, I got a notification from the app that Joelle was shopping for my order. At 12:10 I got a text from Joelle saying she was on her way.

Delivery: Joelle was right on time and unloaded all the groceries for me, from her car to my counter. She was dressed in jeans and the official Shipt shirt, so I knew it was her. She was SUPER friendly and we talked for a few minutes about our kids and her friends that live in my neighborhood. I asked her about how tipping worked and she said that as soon as she gets in her car, she marks the order as delivered and I would get a notification that I can rate her as my shopper and tip. I didn’t even get the door locked and that exact thing happened. You can rate 1-5 stars and tip (none, $5, $10, $15) for 24 hour window.

Financials: My end total was a little over $100, including tax and tip, for a week’s worth of groceries. I think the prices are pretty close to what you’d see in the store, maybe only a few cents more each. You do get the BOGOs and sales, but coupons are not an option. I checked my bank account before and after to see how that part works. Similar to a gas station, there was a pending $1 charge before the delivery. And similar to a restaurant, there was the $96 (pre-tip) charge pending after delivery. I would imagine that when the 24 hour tipping window is up, the correct charge will go through.

Overall: This service is awesome. I meal planned for the entire week, made my list, skipped the impulse buys, and didn’t have to unload groceries. For $49/year + tipping each delivery, it’s well worth the extra cost. I asked Joelle if this was her first Shipt delivery, and she said that she had done one more before mine. I asked her how it was going so far. She said the one before me was a little more difficult and she had to substitute a lot of items which made her feel bad that she couldn’t deliver the exact order. She did say it was another mom of littles and she didn’t mind the subs. Joelle also mentioned that most of the other Shipt shoppers in the area were ‘moms like us’. If you are on the fence about joining, DO IT!… and use my link so we both save $10!

Sign up for Shipt!


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