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DIY Padded Wall Hook July 30, 2011

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A few weeks ago, I found some square wall plaques with hooks on clearance in the July 4th decorations section of Hobby Lobby. They were only about $1 each, and I figured I could mod podge them to match a room in our house pretty easily.

Fast forward a few weeks and I finally got around to working on them. Thank goodness for Fridays off and time to do all my projects I’ve backlogged in my brain! I started rummaging around for some cute paper to use and I couldn’t find anything I really liked. What I did find in my stash was some really cute fabric remnants and some leftover padding from my DIY Necklace Holder.

First, I removed all the hardware (the hook on the front and the hanger on the back) with my handy dandy girly screwdriver. Then I stretched the padding around the square and stapled it into place on the back. Repeat with the fabric. Then all that’s left is to screw the hardware back in. This is trickier than it sounds because you’ve just covered up your screw holes with padding and fabric. But I got lucky and lined them all up on the first try!Of course I had to take it a step further and decorate with coordinating fabric rosettes. You could leave this part out if you wanted.

I think I’m going to go back to HL and see if I can find anything else similar. Theses would make great gifts on the skinny.


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