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Smoothie in a Bowl May 15, 2011

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I’ve been on a smoothie kick recently. While KEVA smoothies are my absolutely fave, they are also like $5 each. I also like the Yoplait smoothie kits, but those get to be pretty pricey too, especially when you realize that it’s just frozen fruit and frozen yogurt cubes. At Costco, those Yoplait bages have 3 smoothie kits in them and they are $9. Or… you could buy this:


…and make about 10 smoothies for $8 (plus the cost of whatever else you want in there).

Once a day, I scoop out about a cup and a half of fruit, peel a frozen banana, throw it all in the blender with about a cup of soy milk and a scoop of vanilla protein powder so it keeps me full. YUM.

This morning, I decided to follow a serious blog trend, and eat my smoothie out of a bowl. And I’m here to report that- shocking- it tastes the same as drinking it out of a cup. I guess the plus of the bowl is that I’m aware of how much smoothie I’m actually eating, rather than just slurping it up. I probably won’t even finish my bowl this morning! That’s a lot of smoothie I’ve been drinking. I’m freezing the second half for later today šŸ™‚

Happy Sunday y’all!


One Response to “Smoothie in a Bowl”

  1. Lindsay B. Says:

    Your blog makes me hungry!!! Hope you are doing well, Lindsay Scott Thompson!!!


    Lindsay Brasington šŸ™‚

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