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Buffalo Chicken Salad from Leftover Chicken Fingers May 1, 2011

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Yesterday, my sweet (not-so) baby sister graduated from college! Happy Graduation, Haley!!! My sweet aunt Leslie had a great grad party at her house and we had so much fun. She served lots of yummy food, including a pizza dip that I’m sure just fell straight from heaven. There was a platter of the biggest chicken fingers I’ve ever seen in my life. Leslie packed us up some of the leftovers in a to-go bag when we headed out. So I got to thinking… surely there’s something cool I can make with leftover chicken fingers.

Lovey suggested chicken salad, and because he’s a pretty smart fella, I stole his idea. While he was jamming out on the drumset during the third service at church, I came home and whipped up chicken salad made from leftover chicken fingers. At first it started innocently- you know, chop up the chicken, add some mayo. But then I spied the hot sauce and ranch dressing hanging out in the fridge door. So then what started as a plain ole chicken salad, turned into buffaloed chicken salad! And it was DELICIOUS!

We took this concoction, along with some celery and veggie straws (try them, SO good), on a sunny Sunday afternoon picnic in Greer City park. We had a blast. For the record, I won the cornhole tie-breaker! (as always)

Buffalo Chicken Salad from Leftover Chicken Fingers


  • 4 outrageously huge chicken fingers, or probably about 6 regular sized ones
  • 1/2 c. mayo (if you use something other than Duke’s, don’t blame me for the outcome)
  • Ranch dressing
  • Hot sauce

First, give your chicken fingers a rough chop. Mine wouldn’t fit in my food processor without this step, but you could skip it if you’ve got a huge processor. Chop the chicken to whatever size you’d like in the food processor.

Put the chopped chicken into a mixing bowl, and add the mayo. Also add in the ranch dressing and hot sauce to taste. I probably added about 2 tablespoons ranch dressing and 1/4 c. hot sauce. You could add more or less depending on how spicy or ranchy you want it.

Mix it all together.

Eat it on bread, celery, or right off the spoon. Or, take it on a picnic!


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