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Yarn Wrapped Letters April 12, 2011

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I told you I was wrapping everything in sight in yarn, remember? I’ve done 4 headbands and 8 bracelets. I found some $0.99 cardboard letters at Hobby Lobby and decided to yarn wrap them as a surprise for the couples in our community group!

First, I yarn wrapped the letters themselves. Just make a tiny spot of glue at the bottom, and go for it. I also did the edges so that there was no side left plain.

Then I picked out coordinating fabric and do-dads to decorate the letters with. I tried to match each initial with the couple that would receive it. Brown with red for the Yoders because they just got fabulous red furniture! Purple and coral for the Sheehans because they are so fun and their house is full of fun prints and colors. The Snows get yellow with brown and green because they always have cute ‘natural’ looking decor! And a teal T for us. I have no idea why I chose teal or where on earth I’ll end up putting this because it doesn’t really match anything. Maybe it’ll end up in our orange bathroom.


20110410-041829.jpgThen I started decorating. I made some yo-yos, some rosettes, some circles. I used some sequins and buttons. Pretty much whatever I had on hand that got close enough to the glue gun ended up on the letters!





By the time this post gets published, everyone will have already received their surprise! I hope they like them!!


3 Responses to “Yarn Wrapped Letters”

  1. Leslie Southard Says:

    These are so lovely!! I adore all the color combinations. Please open a little shop soon so I can come and take lessons!!

  2. Sher Says:

    Awesome idea! Always looking for something cheap yet sticking! Thanks!

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