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The Day We Painted Everything Orange April 10, 2011

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Sometimes I look around and dream of things I could do to this house. Hardwood floors, tile the kitchen floors, build a desk space in the office, build a patio, buy new furniture. But then I snap back to reality and remember our financial priorities (going into more debt over fluffy stuff like couches and patio umbrellas isn’t one of them). Thankfully, God allowed someone to invent spray paint, which can do wonders and it’s less than $5 a can.

We have an old hand-me-down bench on our front porch that was a drab color of red(ish) and was mostly collecting a lot of pollen and spider webs. We put a little orange spray paint on it, and it already looks like we spent tons on something new! We spent $8 on 2 cans of spray paint, and $20 on cushions at Garden Ridge (Dad, let me translate: Junk Ridge).


Final Product:


We actually bought 3 cans of spray paint, so of course I went rummaging through the house for other things I could paint! We had originally planned to paint this large vase green for when we re-do the living room, but today it got an orange makeover. I justified this by reminding myself I could always spray paint it green later!



This orange coincidentally matches a canvas art project we are working on for our bedroom, so instead of hanging out (currently not matching anything) in our living room, we moved it to the bedroom and I think it found a new permanent home! Here’s a sneak peak of the canvas art. I’ll put up a full tutorial when we get it all complete!


Happy Sunday!


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