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How to Ruin Christmas November 28, 2010

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I’ve ruined Christmas.

It’s true. Christmas is completely ruined.

I ruined Christmas for a perfectly wonderful family shopping for a Christmas tree at the same time as my family.

I didn’t mean to. I didn’t wake up and say to myself ‘Lindsay, today you will be Scrooge and ruin Christmas.’ Really, I didn’t.

But then it happened. We were in Asheville for the 25th Annual Family Christmas Shopping Trip.

We had made the lap of the tree lot three times.

We had it narrowed down to two. A typical Frasier and the only Concolor Fir on the whole lot. I had never seen a Concolor before, and it was beautiful.

The needles are about 2 inches long and it smells like tangerines. I made the statement ‘If I don’t buy this tree (Concolor), I’ll be mad at myself later.’ And then Lovey said ‘Well, then you need to just go ahead and get it. Write her a check and it’s ours!’

So I did. And they wrapped it up and loaded it on the trailer. And we drove away, happy about our decision…

Until my sister said ‘you know you made that lady cry’. (Thanks a lot Haley!)

What we didn’t know was that there was another family deciding between two trees at the same time. And one of those was my Concolor. And I must have been the faster check writer. Because we left with it. And left her in tears.

I MADE A WOMAN CRY BECAUSE I TOOK HER CHRISTMAS TREE FROM HER. How am I supposed to go on with this in my conscience?

I was heavyhearted. I was almost to tears myself. I felt awful. What kind of person am I, making perfectly wonderful families cry at Christmas? We had decided that if we saw her in the covered farmer’s market section, we would ask her if she really wanted it and sell it to her.

Thankfully, we didn’t see her.


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