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Chandelier Makeover October 19, 2010

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I’ve been saying for a LONG time that I want a new light fixture for our kitchen. First we painted the beautiful yellow, then we got a new dining room table, then curtains, then added some decor… but we still had the shiny, bright gold chandelier over our beautiful new table. It’s that shiny fake-gold that used to be so popular in light fixtures.

We talked about getting some really fancy lights, rigging up our own pendant lights with really awesome globes, and so many more options. But those options mean spending more money than we wanted.

And then I found THIS one day and sooo many lightbulbs went off in my brain. My first thought was BRIGHT red to match my Kitchenaid. Yes, I really did decorate my entire kitchen around my Kitchenaid. You know you did to, or at least thought about it.

Then I ran the idea by Lovey who wasn’t as excited about the candy apple red chandelier. He suggested a metallic deep brown bronze to match the wood, the clock, the curtain rods. So we went with that. And it looks GREAT!!!

Lovey spray painted and rewired and rehung the entire thing ALL WITH ONE ARM!!! Did I mention my Lovey is a superman with wires and buttons? I did some of the holding up in the air while he twisted and taped… but for the most part- he did the whole thing!

What we did to it: spray painted, replaced globes, turned the arms in the opposite direction so you don’t see the lightbulb, and added the ceiling plate to make it look fancy. We spent about $45, but we didn’t HAVE to replace globes or add the plate, and we could’ve pulled it off for the cost of spray paint.


2 Responses to “Chandelier Makeover”

  1. Mary Says:

    The light fixture looks really great! Good job, Josh and Lindsey!!

  2. Erin K Says:

    Love it! Great job! (Well, at least you know that you can always turn it into a candy apple red chandy in the future if you want to!)

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