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DIY Fall Wreath and Tutorial September 8, 2010

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Now that it’s September, and no longer mine or Lovey’s birthday month, I had to take down the birthday balloon wreath that will become a tradition in our little family. And now that our door has been decorated for 2 months, I couldn’t just let it be plain. It just didn’t seem right. It’d be NEKKID! Martha Stewart probably doesn’t have a nekkid door, and by golly, I won’t have one either.

September means fall is coming. I know the 90+ degree weather doesn’t really feel like fall is coming, but the calendar says so, and Starbucks has pumpkin spice again, so it must be fall somewhere. Like in my heart, where it really counts 🙂

To celebrate fall coming, I decided to make a Fall wreath! And you can too. It was pretty simple.

Materials: straw wreath form (do NOT for any reason take the plastic wrap off. you’ll thank me later.), yarn, paper flowers sold in the scrapbooking section, sequins, feathers, a woodland friend like an owl, glue gun, ribbon, staple gun.

Step 1: Start a movie. Then tie the yarn in a knot around the wreath form and start wrapping. Very slowly and carefully at first. Make sure to cover every nook and cranny of that wreath form. If you can’t have a nekkid door, you sure as heck can’t have a nekkid wreath. So get to it- wrap the whole thing.

Step 2: Heat up your glue gun and pour out every scrap of material you’ve got. I like to see all my options. I hate cleaning up all my options afterward though.

Step 3: Start gluing. Flowers on top of flowers. Sequins in the middle. Little flowers between flowers. Feathers on the edge. Woodland creature poking out the top. Go wild. Cover the whole wreath in flowers if that’s what makes your heart happy. Just do it til you like what you see. Then stop.

Step 4: Cut a 8″ piece of ribbon, loop it over itself, and staple to the back of the top of the wreath.

Step 5: Hang it on the door, snuggle up with your Lovey, and be happy Fall is finally on the way!


UPDATE: My dear friend Mr. Hoot Owl, along with some of his wreath friends, are available on my etsy site. The link is in the right sidebar!


18 Responses to “DIY Fall Wreath and Tutorial”

  1. Erin Says:

    You are soo crafty! I love it!! Or I guess I really really like! I do love you and miss you tons!!

  2. Auntie Leslie Says:

    Too cute!!! I love yarn wreaths. Have you seen KnockKnocking’s wreaths on Etsy?

  3. dontbplastic Says:

    Very clever. i am trying to make a wreath right now myself and conjuring up ideas. Thanks for the share

  4. Anytime! Thanks for sharing your awesome crafts. 🙂

  5. Chris Says:

    CUTE. I love that it is more fall than Halloween. So much more versatile.

  6. How fun! I love that you used yarn to cover the wreath.

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  8. This is fabulous! I love the flowers, and that owl is too cute! It’s so colorful and fun. Nice work!

  9. Sarah Says:

    Where did you find the owl? I’ve been looking at craft stores and can’t find anything similar.

  10. Alli Says:

    I love this! I am making one of my own! Thanks for the inspiration.

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