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Popcorn Cupcakes August 25, 2010

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It’s my Lovey’s birthday on Friday! He turns the big 3-4, but don’t tell him I told you. We’ll just keep that our little secret, Ok? Great. For Lovey’s birthday, I got him something I can’t tell you about yet and I’m making him 2 birthday treats. I’ll tell you abotu the first in this post, and the second in another post. The second one is still a surprise for him, which is why you have to wait. Blame him for having a birthday on Friday and not today.

Instead of making a traditional birthday cake, I wanted to get a little creative with Lovey’s birthday treats. I wanted to incorporate something that my Lovey can’t get enough of – POPCORN. The man eats popcorn at least 5 out of the 7 nights in a week. Thankfully, we’ve started using the air popper, so at least it’s a little healthier than the bag type. So back to the treats. I made popcorn cupcakes!

Don’t worry, they aren’t cupcakes made out of popcorn, or anything to do with actual popcorn. These are cupcakes with a ‘popcorn’ topping, wrapped in a ‘popcorn wrapper’. I made yellow cake cupcakes, put some vanilla frosting on top, then did this:

I used the mini marshmallows and cut the ends with an ‘X’ and stuck them on top of the icing. I did this a LOT. Approximately 12 marshmallows on each of 24 cupcakes. Whew. Endurance. But worth it.

Then we used a little water/yellow food coloring mixture for the ‘butter’. We just sprinkled a little on top of each.

Next, I purchased some red and white striped paper at a craft store. This paper is probably meant for Christmas, or some sort of peppermint-y background for a scrapbook, but it did just the trick. I cut strips about 8.5 x 1.5 and wrapped them around the bottom and taped.

SOO cute. These would be great for an elementary school class, a birthday party, or a movie party. Or maybe even an Oscar Awards night or carnival.


3 Responses to “Popcorn Cupcakes”

  1. Jenn Says:

    These are awesome! Did you come up with this idea yourself?! Please put them on food gawker!

  2. Auntie Leslie Says:

    These look so real! Until I read through your post I thought you had made popcorn balls and squished them down into cupcake liners! You’re an artist! Pop art hahaha!

  3. thekeels Says:

    I love this!! We will have to have a movie night so that we can do them here! So creative!

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