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Menu Planning July 30, 2010

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When we were engaged, one of the things I looked forward to the most about being married was organizing our meals each week. We were living about 45 minutes apart, and meals just weren’t top priority. We ate out, stocked up on frozen pizzas, and cooked the occasional meal together. Those occasional meals were the best. But now that we aren’t apart, and we have from 5-bedtime to do whatever we want, we invest a lot of time into cooking. And I can plan ahead for what those meals are going to be. I’ve been doing it for a while, and I think it’s pretty successful. Plus you can integrate leftovers in without just re-heating. I found a cute visual to help with meal planning and it’s AWESOME.

I found it at Ollibird. Print it off in 8×10 size, find a frame with a glass front and some expo markers, and you’re set! We framed ours in an olive green frame and it looks great on our coffee cart. Practical and decorative, as all things should be.

Some of the yummy things that have been on our meal plan lately have been calzones, grilled chicken with grilled okra and corn, shrimp pomodoro, Tasty Kitchen’s 16-minute bowtie lasagna, and a lot of GREAT breakfasts.

I’m learning that marriage is all about finding new ways to love your spouse, and one way we show love to each other is finding time to cook together. We crank up some jams, dance, and sing to each other. Somehow, during all that, a meal is made. And it’s (usually) pretty tasty.


One Response to “Menu Planning”

  1. david marik Says:

    Nothing like a good Kitchen Dance… I am really liking your blog. Keep it up. You need to do some apple turnovers 🙂 Yummy

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