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Catching Up July 28, 2010

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I guess I better update this blog. Whoever said, or made me once believe, that summer was slow – well, they LIED. My life is zooming by and I’m just trying my very hardest to keep up! Someone please figure out how to really make it slow down. I guess it’s true that time really does fly when you’re having fun. So I guess when you’re having a BLAST, it flies even faster.

So what have the Thompsons been up to?
We got another week of veggies: cucumber, squash, tomatoes, bell pepper, okra, some sort of melon, and eggs. We also signed up for the Fall Harvest! It’s a 10 week harvest and we are excited about some root veggies, greens, and squash.

We visited with our beautiful family and got to spend some time with our nieces.

And things got a little silly.

We got tummy aches from eating a ton of blackberries. That’s the best kind of tummyache šŸ™‚

We made calzones, and they were the bomb. We used Pillsbury pizza dough (I know, we cheated) and just stuffed it with a little pizza sauce, toppings*, ricotta, mozzarella, and herbs. Then we just folded and scrunched the edges. Brush the top with some olive oil, and bake.
*Our toppings: Mine had sauteed zucchini, tomatoes and garlic. Josh had Italian sausage and pepperoni.


That’s what we’ve been up to. And we are looking forward to a great weekend. My dear friends Katie and Chris are gettin’ hitched, so we have all the fun wedding festivities to keep us busy and smiling. Some friends are coming to stay with us, so we have also been busy making our house extra cozy so they feel welcome. Happy weekend! What fun things are you doing?


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