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Eco Travel Bowl Cover June 29, 2010

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One of the MANY blogs I subscribe to is Whip Up. I like this blog because it has craft ideas, sewing tutorials, knitting patterns, etc. that are quick and usually pretty easy. I like projects that I can complete in an evening with a few breaks for making and eating dinner. This website is perfect for this! A few weeks ago, they had the CUTEST ‘eco travel lid‘. I had all the materials, it only had a few simple steps, so I went for it. I made a cute yellow one for myself. But then… 2 of my aunts have June birthdays. So… this is PERFECT for them, and I made 3 more 🙂

Side note: Wal-Mart has a craft section again! And the fabric is limited, but what they do have is tons better than it used to be. They have a decent selection of fat quarters, kits with everything included for different projects, quilt squares, and all kinds of stuff. I’m pretty impressed. And I really like that I don’t have to ding a bell to wait on a very uninterested high school kid to come cut fabric.

Side note to the side note: I’m not a fan of Wal-Mart, but unfortunately in the South, it’s pretty much unavoidable. I really only go there for a few things that I can’t get anywhere else, and I might as well look at the craft section while I’m there, right?

I’m going to have to attach a little tag to these that say ‘I am NOT a shower cap’. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what will happen as soon as these come out of the wrapping paper. I guarantee it. But maybe if I beat them to the punch, the shower cap joke won’t be as funny.

I really like this cute little tutorial. It literally ‘whips up’, as the blog title says. I made 3 in about an hour. It really took a little longer, but there was dinner and a bobbin issue involved.

Happy Birthday Aunt Leslie and Aunt Teena! (and I hope I can get to you before you have a chance to read this… if not, this is what you’re getting, oh well. Act surprised.)


4 Responses to “Eco Travel Bowl Cover”

  1. Mom Says:

    When do I get one?

  2. Aunt Teena Says:

    LOVE the bowl covers!! Great gift — you never cease to amaze me with your talents & creativity!

  3. Leslie Says:

    I can’t wait to use my bowl cover when you invite me over for a cookout at your house 🙂 not kidding! hahaha I love it! thank you so much!

  4. misskitty_79 Says:

    I’m lazy, I just use the shower caps that are supplied at hotels…

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