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Fathers’ Day Recap June 26, 2010

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Fathers’ Day just happened. Yes, this is the CORRECT way- the plural possessive way– to use the apostrophe in the spelling. I hope you got your Dad something fantastic. Or if you’re a Dad, I hope you got something fantastic.

Now that it’s all said and done, I can post about what I gave my Dad. I couldn’t do it before, because I’m pretty sure he glances at this blog every now and then, and I wouldn’t want to give it away!

I put together a SUPERHERO stash for my Superhero Dad. I saw the idea from Alphamom. And then about 10 other blogs I subscribe to linked to it, and heard about it 10 more times. All along, I had been thinking ‘What should I get Dad for Fathers’ Day?’ and of course, I’m stubborn as a mule and didn’t even open my eyes to this thing until about the 9th linked blog. And then I finally clued in and had these printed at Bellis (at Bob Jones- use them! They are cheap, and great!), gathered the goodies, and used Elmer’s spray adhesive to make a little DIY Superhero stash.

WARNING: Elmer’s spray adhesive is NOT made of the same sticky stuff as Elmer’s glue stick. It is MUCH stickier. As in, strong enough to semi-permanently affix your thumb to your kitchen towel. Your thumb will be fuzzy for a day or two after you have to rip the towel off.

So Fathers’ Day rolled around. And I took this to our lake party. And Dad opened it. And thanked me.

Not exactly the reaction I was going for, but oh well. Maybe a tie would’ve been better?

HOURS later, Dad left me a voicemail. He and Mom were driving home from the party, talking over the day, and he FINALLY realized I had made it. And he gushed and gushed about how awesome it was. So he made Mom take a picture of him, once he had finally realized what it was- THIS is the reaction I was going for!!!

So glad he realized what it was and liked it!! Happy Fathers’ Day, Dad- you’re the best superhero in town.


One Response to “Fathers’ Day Recap”

  1. WOW!

    Your superhero gift looks amazing. Clearly your dad thought a pro did it! Great job.

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