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gift series, part 3 May 5, 2010

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And now, what you’ve all been waiting for! The third installment of the gift series, a description of the wedding gifts we use most for our wedding director, Callie, so she can make sure she gets everything she needs/wants. I asked Josh to contribute his thoughts, and so the first three items are his picks, and the last one is my final pick.

Item 7: Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker

Josh and I are from the South, as many of you are, so you are all very aware of the importance of good tea. Before I met Josh, he was using the older version of this and it kind’ve blew my mind! What do you mean, you don’t have to boil a pot of water and let it sit there for an hour or so? What do you mean you don’t have to have a cardio workout trying to get the sugar to dissolve? You’re telling me you can just add water, tea bags, and sugar, and in about 5 minutes you’ve got tea ready to drink? Pssshhh. Well, it’s all true. This thing is super easy, super quick, and best of all- no mess! We use this thing DAILY. Highly recommended. We got this from my old friend, Michelle. She lives all the way in California! Thanks Michelle!

Item 8: Royal Velvet Towels

Of course every registry includes towels. And standing in the store, with an entire section of every color and type of towel ever made is pretty overwhelming. ‘But what if I pick the wrong ones and I hate them?’ Looking back, I just needed to tell myself ‘Honey, you can bring them back after the honeymoon. Quit worrying about it now.’ However, lucky for me, I did end up picking some very awesome towels! We got the Royal Velvet brand at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and they are very ‘velvet-ish’. We like the bigbutt size- apparently the nicer name is bath sheet 🙂 We also decided against the usual white- I got 4 sets of dark brown, and Josh got 4 sets of tan. We got these from a bunch of people that are very special to us. Thanks guys!

Item 9: Laundry Hampers

Good laundry hampers are very hard to find. We had a TON of very specific criteria, and I’m still not sure I’m 100% completely settled on what we ended up getting. No one uses the same laundry system for their entire marriage, right? I still have the option to change when I decide I need something different. We wanted to separate our clothes at the time of the ‘toss’ rather than having to dump them out when we started washing. And we separate into 4 categories, but 4 hampers is a little over-the-top. So we settled for 3. The advice on this: Be. Very. Picky. You’re allowed, you’re the bride. Don’t skimp here!

Item 10: iSlice

This little magic item is about $3.50 from Pampered Chef, but trust me- it’s worth WAY more than that. It’s tiny, weighs nothing, but is the biggest time saver I’ve come across in quite a while. This little plastic thing has an itty bitty ceramic blade that sticks out the bottom. We use it to cut coupons- and I just can’t tell you how awesome this thing is. Order this NOW! Don’t wait to put it on a registry and hope someone buys it- it’s $3.50- buy it now! If you cut coupons (which you should!), this thing is a life-saver. A great woman that works with Josh gave us a Pampered Chef gift certificate, and this is one of MANY things we got out of that gift! Thanks Brenda!

I just researched this online- and found that iSlices are all over the place! I thought it was just a Pampered Chef thing- but I was just proved wrong. But, still… this is the one we have, and this is the one we like!

Wedding registries are easy to get caught up in- Do I have enough? Do I have too much? Will I even like this in a month? Will I use this? What if it doesn’t match? Don’t worry about it! Go through the store, scan anything and everything you like, make sure you get the few must-haves (dishes, towels, glasses…), and enjoy being engaged. You have an entire lifetime to worry about building your home. Plus, most places (not Target!), have a really great return policy, so when you get back from your beautiful honeymoon, you can completely change your mind and start from scratch. There is no pressure for you to have it all figured out now.

Married friends- what wedding gift did you like the most? Readers, this is your chance to give Callie your advice too!


One Response to “gift series, part 3”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Umm, I am laughing really hard at “the bigbutt size”. I can hear Josh saying that…I guess yall are taking after each other already. It’s a funny thing about towels…Justin will only use certain towels of ours b/c of the texture…I don’t get it. Love yall!

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