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gift series, part 2 May 1, 2010

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To continue with the gift series, I’d like to start off with a picture of Callie. Like I said yesterday, she was our wedding director. Which means she made sure the day went perfectly smooth, and that when things weren’t going perfectly smooth, I didn’t find out about it. Recently she told me that things happened that I still don’t know about, and I told her it’s fine with me if it stays that way 🙂 She was very good at getting everything in place, making it work, and just being a superhero that day. Here’s a very fitting picture of her (Callie, don’t shoot me… I happen to love this picture by Chris Isham Photography). It pretty much sums up how she handled the day.

Item 4: KitchenAid Crock Pot

Every bridal registry deserves a crock pot. Every bride deserves a few crock pots. But of all the crock pots in existence, make sure you register for a KitchenAid. Speaking of KitchenAid, I also recommed a stand mixer. But I already had one, a beautiful red one, so I didn’t need another… well, I wouldn’t have returned another one, but I didn’t need it either. Anyways, crock pots are amazing. It’s like a magic trick. Through in some stuff, turn it on, go to work, come home, voila! you’ve got a meal. I have lots of favorite crock pot recipes, which over time you’ll see on here! But for now… Crock Pot Vindaloo is a good start. We received this gorgeous kitchen electric from a super great group of friends! Thanks Sara, Krista, Jamie, Lauren, & Jaclyn!

Item 5: Pampered Chef Knife Set

Ohhh these babies are GREAT. They actually aren’t what we originally had on our registry. We had a set of Henckels… but now I’m so glad we got these instead! Josh’s coworkers threw us a shower over a tasty lunch at Larkin’s on the River. It certainly was not your average bridal shower, especially one done by coworkers. This was a party! They even had monogrammed cupcakes. We were completely blown away by everyone’s generosity. They had gone in together to get us this entire set of knives from Pampered Chef!!! There are some that are quite HUGE that Josh likes to use. I prefer the medium sized Santoku. It’s much less scary. Don’t worry Moms, we’re being very careful 🙂  Thank you IT Department!!

Item 6: Bash ‘n’ Chop

This is a really cool little gadget to have around your kitchen. Makes for less messes and more efficiency when chopping and transferring. These can be found for about $5 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Buying this would be a well spent $5, that’s for sure! We use our fancy Pampered Chef knives on our fancy chopping block, then transfer the beautifully chopped and diced veggies to a pot using the Bash ‘n’ Chop. Saves lots and lots of time. Plus you don’t get your hands as dirty. We got these from Jon & Tonia (Josh’s brother and sister-in-law… she also made our beautiful wedding cake!) and my dear friend Erin Garrison! Thanks guys!

If you missed Part 1, you should really check it out too. Part 3 will come tomorrow. Still not exactly sure how many parts this series will have 🙂 I just like ALL my gifts and wish you could see them all.

I like sharing what I like best about our wedding gifts!


One Response to “gift series, part 2”

  1. Callie Says:

    This is only slightly embarrassing 🙂 I like your blog and I really love you! Thanks for helping me pick out my wedding registry items!


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