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corn-shaped necessities April 28, 2010

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Are there VERY minor details about your childhood that no one, including you, would think would stick with you through adulthood? I have a few examples. Once I was reprimanded after choir practice when I was in 4th grade-ish for reaching in the box for a prize I apparently did not earn. I remember what bathing suit Ashley wore to Brookley’s birthday pool party. Mom always used corn-shaped corn handles (holders?) and corn-shaped dishes to put your corn in.

Now that I’m my very own person, I make my own corn. And I couldn’t do it without having my very own set of corn-shaped corn accessories. It just wouldn’t have been the same. Josh and I had been wanting corn for a month, but I couldn’t do it without the corn-shaped holders!!! I mean, let’s get real- how do you expect me to eat corn without them? Surely it would alter the taste. Right?

So I set out to find the corn holders. And just like any odd trinket you decide you can’t live without, they seemed to disappear from stores the day I decided to search for them. Just as soon as I set out to purchase these very high dollar (ha) items, it seemed they vanished off shelves all over the Upstate. Where exactly do you buy a corn-shaped plastic dish? Is it too much for a girl to ask to get some corn-shaped plastic with metal sticks coming out the end?

To make this very exciting story short- go to Old Time Pottery. I’ve since seen them in about 3 other stores (of course…). Or I could’ve saved myself lots of time and just looked online- Pfaltzgraff has a pretty good set. Maybe one day I’ll upgrade to these fancy things:

But for now, I’ll just stick with my $1 plastic set of 4… just like Mom’s.

I like corn-shaped corn holders!


One Response to “corn-shaped necessities”

  1. Traci B. Says:

    I’m embarrassed to say that I have never seen the holders that you place the corn in, only the metal things to help you pick them up with out touching them. What does the holder thing do?

    Fun post Lindsay. Hope you are enjoying this pretty spring as a newlywed!

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